Working for Freepik

Working for Freepik – Earn 100 Dollars Withing 1st Month

There are many ways to earn money by using your internet connection and a computer. Among them, Freepik is one of the best. That’s why I’m going to tell you why working for Freepik is an amazing way of passive income.

If you want to know how to become a contributor to Freepik, there are some guidelines to follow. Also, you should have creativity, ability to do hard work and patient. If you got these, you are ready to go.

This my Freepik review and all the details for how to earn from Freepik.

How does Freepik work?

Freepik is a website that has 10000+ of graphical elements such as PSD’s, Vectors, Images. These include business cards, logos, various images, illustrations, illustrate images and many more. Most of Freepik users are designers around the world.

What is Freepik contributor?

Freepik contributor is a program recently started by Freepik due to high demand. When you go to the Freepik website, there are elements with a golden “crown” sign. Those are the designs made by Freepik contributors.

All you have to do is design some graphics and submit to review. After accepting you are officially working with Freepik means your graphics started to mine the gold.

Working for Freepik

Freepik exclusive designer salary?

How much Freepik pay you? Freepick contributor’s income depends on their graphic elements. You can get your payment monthly. This is calculated by the addition of no. of downloads and the no. of subscribers on that specific month.

Also, there is another payment system called “RPI” – Return Per Image. That will be calculated by the no. of the download of your all graphics + buying rate + uploading frequency and more.

Working for Freepik is easier than other method but you have to dedicate your time.

How can you get your payments?

It is necessary to know the payment methods of Freepik contributors. You can use Paypal, Payoneer and Skrill.

  • Paypal – minimum value is 100 USD
  • Payoneer – minimum is 50 USD

What kind of graphics Freepik allowed?

There are 3 types of graphics they allowed.

  • Vectors
  • PSD’s
  • Photographs and other images
Working for Freepik

Requirements for Freepik contributor

You must have good creativity to design some high-quality products. If you don’t have those relevant skills be sure to gain some. That is the main requirement you should have for working with Freepik.

Also, your files should be in specific formats

  • For Vector – using illustrator cs6 or above
  • For PSD’s – using Photoshop cs6 or above

How to get approved of your work

All graphics you submit are going through a vetting process. Experts on Freepik will review your products. You can start earning process after the second of approval.

For the first time, you must submit 20 of your graphics. So be sure to send the best of the best products of you.

Other than that there are some guidelines to design your vector, PSD or the image. Be sure to strict to all guidelines. Then your works will be approved within the first time.

At the end…

I hope you have I clear idea about Freepik contributor program and how to earn from Freepik. For a better earning you have to spend your valuable time. Working for Freepik is easy, but at the beginner level, you must have patience. If you have any doubt, please drop it on the comment section.

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