Windows 11 tpm 2.0 error

Windows 11 TPM 2.0 Error | SOLVED

As Microsoft mentioned before, they held their live event on 24th June 2021. But Microsoft didn’t live-streamed on a popular platform like YouTube, they use their webpage for that. At this Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system. Also, they gave the compatible checker to check whether your pc has every requirement for windows 11. But most users getting this Windows 11 tpm 2.0 error.

In the event of releasing Windows 10 in 2015, they announced that Microsoft never releases a new OS like window 8, window 10 etc… However, they changed that and never gave a reason for this big change.

With the leaked Windows 11 developer version, most of us got the Windows 11 experience and that was matched exactly to the released OS. However, Microsoft didn’t tell us everything about Windows 11 and I’m going to tell the how to solve the windows 11 tpm 2.0 error and other compatible issues.

How to check TPM in windows

To check TPM availability, go to the start menu and type “tpm.msc” and open the program.

Start > “tpm.msc” > Open “tpm”

Windows 11 tpm 2.0 error

If you are using a laptop and it was built in 2016 or upward, your laptop has TPM compatibility for sure (this may change in some series and brands). But this not show in the opening window most of the times. If you are using a PC or a new build PC, this message also can be shown after running the program.

Because TPM service-disabled most of the times by system BIOS.

Also, Microsoft released software to check your PC’s compatibility. To get this software got to THIS page scroll to the bottom. In there, you can see the software, download it and install it. Then run the program. Most of the time, you will get the same windows 11 tpm 2.0 error or similar error.

Windows 11 tpm 2.0 error

This may happen in a newly purchased laptop or a PC as well and Don’t panic!

Why? we can solve this error easily. Before that, I will tell what is TPM briefly.

What is TPM?

TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a chip embedded in our computer that can generate security details and store that necessary for the function of the computer.

Normally when we unable to system security (for example administrator password), those details will store as software encryption in OS. If any data breach happened, software encryption can be cracked easily with some effort. But if we use hardware component for this purpose, that will not an easy task to crack.

For example, if someone trying to access your hard disk, they cannot do without the TPM chip on your motherboard.

How to solve windows 11 tpm 2.0 error?

To solve the windows 11 tpm 2.0 error, you have to do a small process.

First, go to the BIOS menu on your computer and follow these steps. What happens here is we enable the TPM to run with our BIOS using firmware.

For AMD systems…

BIOS > “Advanced” tab > AMD fTPM configuration (or similar) > Enable “TPM configuration

For Intel systems…

BIOS > Search for IPT (Intel Identity Protection Technology) > Enable it

Now go to the device manager and look for “Security device”. In that section, you can see the TPM device and the TPM version of your system.

By using this method you can easily get rid of the windows 11 tpm 2.0 error. Then run the windows health check software again and you will get the green light for sure.

Other Windows 11 requirements that give compatibility errors

When we looking at Windows 11 requirements, this new OS support only Intel processors with 8th Gen and upper. For AMD processors, Microsoft released a list of compatible versions as well ( 2000 series or upper).

Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors

Windows 11 Supported AMD Processors

Check whether your processor is on the list, If not you cannot run Windows 11.

System requirements: Windows 10 / Windows 11

Windows 11 tpm 2.0 error

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