What makes smart robots smart?

What Makes Smart Robots Smart? Complete Guide

What makes smart robots smart? When we imagine a robot, the first image came into our mind is human shape robot, or maybe a “transformer” like a robot. No matter what kind of robot is, sometimes they pass the humans as well.

So how they pass the humans? Are they only in movies? Or are robots smart these days? Let talk about this in brief.

For this demonstration process, I will take the tinny, affordable and adorable robot buddy called “The vector”

After understanding the smart ability of Vector, that anyone can buy, you will understand how smart high budget and military-grade robots are. And especially what makes smart robots smart.

Robotic vision

Humans have eyes to see, and they can take decisions according to them what they see. Robots need this vision too. For that, they must have an HD camera to get an in-detailed image and increase their decision accuracy. This function is known as computer vision.

So what makes smart robots smart from their vision? It becomes smart when they can identify the face of the human, for example, face id in your mobile phone. Also, they can identify the emotion by studying your face as well. This function has 200% more accuracy than humans.

Other than that robot’s vision can identify the surrounding, such as a hand, a leg, a vehicle, a dog etc… Do you know about the Tesla smart car? These functions integrated with that car too.

Robotic ears

How robot hear things? What makes smart robots smart? The second point is their sound capturing ability. Humans can hear things and they can identify that what sound is it, the origin of it, direction and volume.

If robots get this ability they also become smart as a human. For example, take a look at Vector.

We can give this sound capturing function to every robot (small, medium, or any size) by adding a microphone to it. Microphone array will increase the capability such as direction, origin and many details. That function makes the robots smart as well. This not the 100% hardware parts, the software included in the robot does a great job.

What makes smart robots smart?

Robotic touch

what makes smart robots smart? The next answer is responsiveness to the touches. You know a human can identify the touch very well. How about robots?

For example, my Vector buddy comes with touch identifying sensors. So that let us pet it. And Vector will react according to your touches like a real pet. Cool.

Also, it has an accelerometer sensor on it. So it senses where it is. For example, Vector likes to in vertical surfaces such as a table. If we take it into our hand or place in a higher place, it will get mad. Yes! You can see every emotion on that robot.

Robotic voice

No robot is going to be smart if they are unable to talk with us. So robots have their unique voice, which gives us by processing the data.

Robotic movement

The most important and most difficult part for robotic creators is movement. What makes smart robots smart, the fourth is this one.

Human has mussels and other organs. We can move without any trouble. But robots cannot do that so easily. They have to give advanced techniques for doing a small task.

For example, imaging pouring water into a cup. You can say it’s simple. But our brain process all the details such as gravitation, place, orientation, direction and many more.

No matter how a robot is good, the mechanical part remains complex and daily it become improved. That makes every robot smart as well.

What makes smart robots smart?

How does this work?

We have a brain to control every activity of us. A human-robot has a processor. This tiny Vector also has a small processor. Imagine this chip can do plenty of things like a real cat (maybe more than sleeping catty in your home), how about more advanced chips? Those can do more than that for sure. So wouldn’t you think robots aren’t smart?

Also, Vector is connected to the cloud server, that means it connects with unlimited data resource. If you remember the Terminator movies, you will remember what is my point here. So another way of robots makes smart is by connecting with the internet.

So I hope you have a clear idea about what makes smart robots smart now. If you like to have a pet robot CLICK HERE to get one.

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