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Video to Text Converter Online Free – TESTED

Sometimes we need online tools to do our work quick and easy. Transcribe video to text online is the kind of process we need. Because we all know listening to the video and writing on your own is a boring process. However, would you think every tool work? Here is the best video to text converter online free with tested results.

Automatically transcribe video to text free is not an easy task, unless you were willing to pay. But I go with free services only. Because most of you need this only for one time. For that, we have to agree on their various conditions.

What is a video to text converter?

Simply it is cloud-based software that converts wordings in a video into a text file or a subtitle file. We do not talk about subtitle creation in this article. Because it is a little bit hard process to do.

How video to text transcription works?

In most software, we have to upload the video file to their site. In some cases, they have the option of URL uploading. The only thing you have to do is copy the link to the video and paste it. This option is great when you need a youtube to text converting option. When you search for “video to text converter online free”, you will get plenty of cloud software. I try all of them but got only a few results.

What are the video to text converter online free tools?

As I mentioned above there are plenty of tools but work only a few. Let’s look at them one by one. Feel free to test each tool and find the right one for you.

Method 1: vocalmatic

In google search result you will get vocalmatic as third and it is one of the working videos to text converter online free tool. All you have to do is upload the video file and wait.

But they give only 30 minutes for a free account. To get unlimited you have to upgrade it to a paid plan.

Here you can convert it as a subtitle file, such as an SRT file.

After the convert check your email in few hours. You will get the link to your video to text transcription file.

video to text converter online free

Method 2: is similar to the vocalmatic, but it has an advanced algorithm for the video to text transcription. In my test, I got 99% accurate results, If you need grammatically correct text feel free to use Grammarly. It’s FREE. offer only 30 minutes for the free plan as usual. Also it provides URL uploading.

After the converting process, you will get notified by email with a link to a text file.

video to text converter online free

Method 3:

Another best method for automatically transcribe video to text free is go-transcribe. They have cool features such as support all video formats. Another one is you can get translated text file in SRT and .doc file format.

Also, they only give 10 minutes for free. You know what to do if you need more time.

Methods 4:

Another video to text converter online free tool is happyscribe. It has a user-friendly interface anyone can use. Just upload your video and wait for few minutes.

But you will get only one chance, which means their free plan offer only one video to text transcription.

Method 5:

Out of the above methods, is the best option you have. It has a friendly interface and so many features. Some features such as converting to a subtitle file and an easy editing option. Also, it has the feature for text translation.

For heavy use, you must get the paid plan.

video to text converter online free

Which video to text converter online free tool is best?

It depends on your choice. If you wish to use it more often, try to use the paid account. It worth your money. If not, you can use free service such as

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