Usertesting Review: Earn $100 for a day?

Working from the internet is not an easy task. There are few ways to earn, but there are some websites that pay you for testing a website. Usertesting is on top of those. So here is the honest Usertesting review.

Here will show how to sign up, how the Usertesting site works, and how could you make money from Usertesting.

Usertesting Review

What is Usertesting?

Usertesting is a website that pays you to test their client’s websites. Bigger companies come to Usertesting to get reviews such as the usability of their website. Here there is some test like 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can choose what kind of task do you want and get paid respect to the task.

To get paid, all you have to do is complete a given task according to the given details.

How to sign up for Usertesting?

To get sing-up, go to this page and give your email. Put a tik on the agreement and then click on the submit button.

Go to the email and check for your confirmation email. Open it and go to the link on the email.

Test on Usertesting?

This is the hardest part of the process. If you can pass this one, you are in the green zone. This is my honest Usertesting review, so I won’t lie. In my first attempt, I couldn’t go through this. But! I got a second chance.

So after the clicking link on email the email, you will redirect to a page saying download the screen recorder for continue. Download it and install it. This whole process is on that screen recorder and your microphone.

Then you will get the next page. Here you want to record sample screen recording according to the given instructions and upload it.

Be sure to do this as good as you can, If you think you are not capable of doing this, get some help.

If you get accepted, you will receive an email saying “testings are ready”.BOOOOOOM! Now you are an official website tester.

Note: If you get that email, don’t forget to drop a comment on the “Usertesting review” article’s comments section.

Usertesting Review

How Usertesting works?

As I mention before Usertesting is an online website tester that consists of a huge client base. So you will get a few tasks on your screen. You can choose one of them carefully. The good thing is some of these tasks must do by your smartphone either it’s apple or android.

On your dashboard, there are some available tasks for you. Most of the time those are screen recording tasks.

Usertesting Review

After selecting one task, you will redirect to the client’s webpage and all the instructions for the task are in the upper right corner. Sametime your recording will start and all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Note: You must have a background sound clear environment for this.

After completing a task, you can see it on “completed tests”. Sometimes it waiting until a few days to clear the funds. Also, you will get a star rating from the buyer.

Most important of Usertesting review, Pros & Cons


  • Userfriendly
  • Quick website tester approval process
  • Pay through Paypal
  • Clear details of the task
  • No investment or documents needed
  • Consist of task starting with $3 to $60


  • Not support for every country
  • You have to keep eye on forgetting a task
  • Approval test is a bit harder
  • Need good English


Usertesting is a place for you to make some good income. But it has a vetting process before the approval of you as a website tester. This is the difficult phase in this process.

After qualified as an online website tester on Usertesting, you have to focus on the rating given by the client. More positive ratings mean more money.

So I hope my Usertesting review is good enough for you to start this. Also, don’t hesitate to drop your success story in the comment section.

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