How to get Upwork connects FREE

Upwork connects: How to get Upwork connects FREE

Upwork, It is the most common name among the freelancers. If you want to win on Upwork, you have to use every resource that has in Upwork platform. This is the tutorial for you, “How to get Upwork connects FREE”

Is Upwork free?

Is Upwork free? Yes, 90% is free, but there are a few things you have to buy. Upwork connect is one of them.

Upwork is a huge marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Usually, freelancers get their jobs regularly through here. But some clients (maybe new) post their requirement, let’s say “project”, on Upwork. Then you should submit your proposals to them, these proposals especially know as “Upwork connects”.

These things are rare and valuable unless you willing to buyer connects or an upgrade your membership. But in here, I’m going to tell you a simple hack about how to get Upwork connects for free.

How many Upwork connects do you start with on Upwork?

Usually, basic free Upwork profile gets 60 connects for a month, An agency gets 80 connects. If you want to get more, you have to buy more. Each connect price of $0.15, but you have to buy as a bundle of 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80.

How do I get Upwork connects free?

I know, as a beginner you are struggling with money. That is why you are reading this article. I will give the procedure for you. If you become a success, please leave me a message, that’s all I want.

For this, you have to collect every smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet or anything that have internet connecting facility. If you have close friends, take their help too.

Then create different Upwork profiles and get approved, but DO NOT use same internet connection for more than 2 profiles. For example, do not use the same router for more than 2 accounts. Separate those without detecting each other.

After that, you have about 3 or more accounts, but this one is kind of illegal. Legal way is finding some people for that. If you have family members or friends, then there is no problem.

Ok. Think now you have 3 accounts. So you have 60 connects plus 60 and 60. Then you have to find a project that is the value of 2 or 3 connects.

Send one proposal for each day from each account. That is enough for 30 days. That will keep your profiles active and you have a higher chance of getting an order. Let’s calculate this easily.

If you don’t have projects with 2 or 3, try with 4. That will make a small difference.

How to get Upwork connects FREE

After 30 days, you have 3 Upwork accounts with 30 days old accounts. Now you can combine those 3 accounts and make it as an agency. That will give you extra 80 connects for Upwork agency account. Not only that those 80, but also you have those 60 connects that your accounts get.

How to get Upwork connects FREE

That’s all freelancers. Try your best. If anything, let me know in the comment section.

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