Truecaller global phone directory

Truecaller Global Phone Directory | All You Need To Know

When using a phone you will get a lot of calls and messages from various unknown numbers. It may be your ex, a company that you apply or a men/women that became a headache for you. In that situation. In this article, I’m going to talk about the truecaller phone global directory, how to remove your number and how to edit your details.

To show how important this app is, I will tell you one of my experience. One day I was at the home and I was angry for some reasons. Suddenly I got a call from an unknown number and I thought it was a scammer. I talked with bit roughly and hang up. After few days I installed the Truecaller app and what I saw is that call is from the company that I apply for a job.

When the truecaller global phone directory app installed on your phone, it will show the identity of the person when you are getting a call or message from an unknown number. No matter whether it’s saved on your phone or not.

How can you get the truecaller?

You can download it from any kind of app store (android/ios). Just hit “truecaller” and you will see the app. Then you can create a user account by giving your details. Remember to give the exact detail that you want to show the other. When someone searches your number, those details will pop up.

Also, there is a premium option in truecaller called “Truecaller premium”. If you purchase this option, you can use the service without any limitations that free users get.

Truecaller global phone directory

When you are installing the app, you need to give them access to the contact list. This will be mentioned in the truecaller’s user agreement as well.

How does truecaller work?

Truecaller global phone directory worked with the help of you, me and everyone that installing the app. When you are installing the app, your contact list will copy to their servers. This process happens for every user.

When someone searches a number, truecaller show only the name they saved in truecaller’s server. They can not show the exact name of the owner or name that registered in service providers.

Also, it shows the most saved name when someone lookup for a number.

So truecaller get everyone’s contact list and that is how they can give us this kind of good service for the everyone in this planet earth. This work as a global community, if no one willing to give their contact list, truecaller is not going to work.

Fun Fact: Just search your number. You will be surprised sometimes. (For example A.H. boss, crazy b###, etc..)

When you search your number and you don’t like the name of the result gave by the truecaller global phone directory, just install and create a truecaller profile.

If you don’t like to give your contact list, you can use the truecaller website. But the search option is the only service you can get there. Just log in using your email and this option saves your privacy.

Truecaller global phone directory

How to remove your number from the truecaller global phone directory

Your name in the truecaller search result is not entered by you unless you created a profile in the truecaller. Usually, it has a name given by your friends, neighbours, office employees etc…

Truecaller global phone directory

No matter how they saved your name, there is an option to remove your name from the truecaller database.

Just go to your preferred search engine, mine is GOOGLE and search ” Truecaller un-list“. In the search result, you can see the link for the truecaller un-list page.

On the truecaller unlisting page they mention that they will remove your number within 24 hours. And also they recommend you deactivate your account in the truecaller app if you already have one. But when I’m going this my number was removed without deactivating the account. Maybe they will add it again after few days.


As you know now truecaller global phone directory has pros and cons equally. Not only truecaller but also whole internet has good and bad. It’s your job to balance these in a better way. Other than that in my experience truecaller global phone directory is a great app that can save valuable time.

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