Toptal review

Toptal review : For Freelancers

Your knowledge value more than gold, but you have to know how to sell your knowledge correctly. Those people called freelancers. Question! Do you know a good platform? If not, here is my toptal review.

Toptal review

What is the total?

Toptal is one of the best and popular freelance marketplaces. It connects millions of freelances with millions of clients all over the world.

Toptal has only the best of the best freelancers all over the world. Which means only %3 of them. They have a tough selection method.

Toptal hires freelancers from many reputable companies such as Google, MIT etc… Not only for developers but also they have freelancers in the fields of,

  • Designing
  • Financing
  • Project managing
  • Product managing
  • Developing
  • Consulting
  • Software engineering
  • and many more…

In this toptal review article I will point out all the necessary information and pro & cons of Toptal, and few reviews I gather from all over the internet.

How Toptal works?

Toptal work as a non-bidding freelance platform with highly vetted freelancers.

Didn’t get it? Let’s make it simple.

Toptal is a freelance marketplace like Upwork, freelancer and Fiverr. There are top freelancers are registered there and clients who need to work done, they hire those freelancers.

Toptal freelancers can do almost any kind of work, that means there are no limitations. That makes Toptal a generic platform. such as Shutterstock, graphic river, 99design are base specialized sector.

When considering the toptal review, one of the main points is the hourly rate. Toptal is the most paying freelancing platform around. For example, a software developer can earn up to $75-$200 hour in there.

Toptal usually works as a client base platform, it means their clients are more valuable. As I mentioned above, they select on 3%. If you want to include that group you must go through a few vetting processes.

Toptal approval process

This toptal approval process change from time to time. But I will give you an idea.

First, you have to have a skype call with a toptal staff member. They check your English speaking ability.

If you pass that step, they will give you a test related to your field. They evaluate every step within 90 minutes. For do that you have to share your screen with them.

In the next step, they will you a project to complete with a time limit of around 48 hours. All these evaluations are done manually. No bots or pre-planned ones. So let’s suit up.

If you pass the last step, you will be approved immediately. They also suggest your hourly rate based on your skills.

Sorry to hear this, that is hard. But my responsibility is to give you an honest toptal review. If you are confident, just hit a go.

Toptal Pros & Cons

Before we go into the pros and cons, let’s agree on the following: Toptal is the boss of freelancing platforms.

With the 3% concept, they get only the best of the best. With that toptal recorded a new level of freelancing.

Toptal pros

Popular freelance platform
Toptal is the most popular freelancing site among top clients like Airbnb, google etc… Also, it has potential clients from the USA, Uk, Canada and Australia.

No competition
They selected only 3% with amazing skills. So there is no competition among the freelancers. One of the main point when considering toptal review.

Approval process
Their vetting process selects only highly skilled freelancers. All the low competitors drop away. That’s mean you have a great chance.

Higher price
The hourly rate is determined by toptal. So you get an amazing price for your skills. All the rates are higher than $50.

Toptal cons

Clients protection
All the funds of clients are protected. If they don’t like the final product, they can request money back.

Rejection of freelancers
If you couldn’t able to maintain clients satisfaction rate higher, you will be rejected from the program.

Toptal review from freelancers and clients

Toptal review
Toptal review


In this article toptal review, it mentioned all the necessary details for you to start. Just give it a try. Toptal is a great place for you to make a good income. Cheers!

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