Tips to recover from breakup depression

tips to recover from breakup depression
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If you are going through a any kind of breakup, either mutual or one-side love, it will be hurt like hell. But it is necessary to recover from that. Breaking up is the one of the most common incident in our lives. If you don’t treat well your physical and mental side will be broken down. From this article ” tips to recover from breakup depression “, I’m going to give some tips to recover from a breakup. Most of them are really worked for me 🙂 . This will take some time, don’t worry.. you will be fine.

Not everything in this world stay for perpetuity. You will get love, next day your love will be gone.. friends come then next day they will be gone..that’s life. You will understand this fact later, but not now. So shall we go through those ways?

1) Remove all

Contact numbers, chat lists, photos you have taken. Yes ! you should remove search history and anything that related to the her/him. Please unfollow him/her from all social medias and don’t try to go to profile and see the updates.

 Remove all

2) Take a break then vent it out

It’s probably not a good idea to hold your emotions inside your heart. So It is good if you are release those. Go to a place that has no people around and then vent it out! scream ! cry ! You can use beach, lake side or even in your car.

Take a break then vent it  out

3) Listen to the rock music

Do not! again, Do not listen to the sad or low pitch music. Rock music will make your feeling better. Ex: five fingers death punch, avenged sevenfold, linkin park and more..

Listen to the rock music

4) Make yourself right

Don’t let negative thoughts to control your mind. We all make mistakes, thing is we have to learn from them, and move on. This is how life goes. So don’t hate yourself, maybe you have kind of fault too, but we will put it away for a while.

Make yourself right

5) Sleep, eat, and exercise.

Keep to your usual sleeping and eating amounts as much as normal, and get out some extra workout or energy in the gym or what ever place you are exercising daily.

Sleep, eat, and exercise.

6) Meet new people

Go for a shopping or a cafe, if you are good with people, go to a club, but don’t use drugs or alcohol too much. Meet new people. Right person for you might be there. One of the most important fact in ” tips to recover from breakup depression”

Meet new people

7) Talk to a person

There are good listeners, both boy’s and girls. Try to talk with your best buddies. They will help you to get rid of those sad feelings. If you really don’t have friends there are therapist, who are professionals. Go talk to them.

.Talk to a person

8) Go to a religious place

I think you are believe in god or any other religious leaders. Go to a church, temple what ever place and sit there for a while. Try few times, I’m sure you will get amazing feeling.

Go to a religous place

As a final word, do not give up. You can do better than this. Be strong.


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