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Most popular Online money making websites

I know you have already tired of “get rich quickly online”, “online money making websites” and “earn $1000 online” terms. Yes! It is possible, for the person who running the tutorial. I have doing online earning since 2014, and used many ways.The thing is, earning money online is not a easy dream. You can earn few bucks, but if you are looking for a good monthly income, you have to do hard work and spend your time. After that, you can earn while you are sleeping. There are many easy and legal sites to earn some money on the internet. So try these 8 online money making websites that I have listed.

1- Mechanical Turk

It is run by Amazon. Simply anyone can signup and earn few cash by completing simple tasks. With some good practice, you can earn more dollars by spending few hours as a side income.

Mechanical Turk

2- Freepick

If you are good at graphic designing or illustation, you can upload your work and earn per selling. Business cards, logos, banners and whatever you design, possible to sell here. If you have unique and quality work, game is yours.


3- Envato market

Same as Freepick. Difference is here you can upload images, graphics, WordPress themes, plugins, etc… Remember, getting approval is bit hard here. So do best quality work.

Envato market

4- Youtube

Are you good in front of camera? so here is your chance. Start your own channel and earn for views. You can earn $1-$5 for 1K views. If you are not good at presenting, there are few more ways. Google it more.


5- Fotolia

Fotolia is a stock image site. If you have unique photos, you can sell here. These photos must be in high quality. If you are good at photography, this is a great way to earn some money for your extra photos.


6- Fiverr

Fiverr is the one of the best online money making websites. In here you can do anything for $5 (starting price). For a example you can write someone’s logo in your palm and show it for $5.


7- People per hour

So much similar for fiverr. Mainly you have to send proposals for buyers requests. In here you must have some skill to get good revenue. If you have skills, it is your chance.

 People per hour

8- Amazon associate

It is an affiliate program of the amazon marketplace. What is an affiliate program? simply you sell their items and you will gain commission for it. If you have a website, social media account with followers, go for it.

Amazon associate

So this is my 8. In beginning you wont earn a 1 dollar. Same happen to me. But I’m in a good place in fiverr. So If you have a unchanging aim, GO ! GO !! GO !!!

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