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Non-Copyrighted Music for Twitch – FREE

Finding copyright free music for your twitch stream is a huge issue. With the new policy of twitch, you cannot use the others music for your videos. On one hand, you cannot use copyrighted music and on the other hand copyright, free music is terrible. So what are the best ways to get non-copyrighted music for twitch?

Finding good music is very important for a twitch user. Good music provides energy and a good vibe for you. Do you watch someones stream with terrible music?

In this tutorial, I will show you the best ways to get non-copyrighted music for twitch for FREE.

How to get non-copyrighted music for twitch?

The best way to get non-copyright music YouTube, Bensound and Youtube audio library. It provides good quality non-copyright music for free.

But you must know the proper way to find this music.

What is the new rule of twitch?

Simply stated that you cannot use any of the copyrighted music in your videos. If you need to use it, you must have proper permissions.

So let’s jump into the best places for non-copyrighted music for twitch.

1st Method :

My first recommendation for finding non-copyright music that you can use in your video is YouTube Audio Library. The coolest thing is there are thousands of non-copyrighted free music you can download just in few clicks.

non-copyrighted music for twitch

Also, there are plenty of categories and genres for you to choose from. You can choose them by genre and the mood for the videos and you can choose the length of the music.

If you need sound effect, you are in right place.

2nd method :

The second method for finding non-copyrighted music for twitch is YouTube channels. There are plenty of YouTube channels that gives non-copyright music.

Just search the “non-copyright music” or “royalty-free music”. You can find out many channels that give free music, all you have to do is download using 3rd party website.

non-copyrighted music for twitch

Believe me, there is plenty of amazing EDM music out there.

But check carefully about their video description whether they offer copyright-free or not. Sometimes creators need to mention their name on the video of you.

3rd method :

Another favorite site of mine is Bensound. This offer cool non-copyrighted music for twitch for free. You can find any kind of music at any length.

But if you are going to use this site, you just need to give credits by mentioning their name.

However, Those are non-copyrighted music for twitch! Right?

non-copyrighted music for twitch


You have used amazing music for your twitch video. Your channel depends on that. So this article might help you to get non-copyrighted music for twitch free.

If you don’t satisfied with the results, feel free to use the paid website. They give to all rights of the music after the purchases.

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