how to send proposal on Fiverr

How to send proposal on Fiverr-Working Method

How’s doing Fiverr sellers? As a new seller or maybe a level one seller, both groups have the same problem, how to send proposal on Fiverr. As you know buyer requests are a great option for getting jobs.

Sending a proposal is easy if you know the right way. Sending a proposal means dealing with the client’s mind. Giving an attractive proposal is the first thing we should do.

You can not get this in a few minutes or this is not a thing for remembering. It just a thing you should practice by your experience. So I will show the path and you are the one going to use it.

Do not use templates

There are many articles on the internet, saying how to send a proposal on Fiverr. But these guys giving a template for you.

Honestly, I also used those templates, but it did not work for 2020. Clients are tired of these template messages. For example, you can see some buyers mention “I do not want copy paste proposals”.

So they will notice your template proposal in first sight.

how to send proposal on Fiverr
They tired of template

Read carefully

Take your time. All you have to do is spend a few minutes for a day. Read every word client mentioned.

Are you skilled enough for that job? Do you have enough resources? Does the client budget comfortable with you?

If you are OK with about, then start writing your proposal.

how to send proposal on Fiverr
Read every word


The first thing you should care if you want to know how to send a proposal on Fiverr correctly. This will be the first impression of the buyer. If that was bad, they will never look at your proposal further.

Try to start with ” Hi / Hello / Hey “. If they mention their name, make sure to use it. ” Hi, David / Hi Sarah”.

Tell about you

Tell about your skills, experience or what are you good at. Make sure your introduction match with the client’s request.

” I’m a professional graphic designer with the 4 years of experience” . Just enough. They do not want to hear your whole story.

Give something to believe you

This is a proposal. That means you must give them a reason to hire you. Client’s want to make their job done. So tell them how you going to do it.

For example, If the buyer wants a logo for s coffee shop, tell them how you going to design it. What kind of artwork you going to use. What colors going to use.

Just use two or three sentences for it.

Show your experience

Show them how good are you. You can show your past work. For that, you must keep a portfolio of your works. It may be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dribble or something else.. Then you can send the link for clients.

Make sure to upload your best work.

how to send proposal on Fiverr
They need unique works


Grammar is the most important thing in this tutorial, how to send a proposal on Fiverr. Most of the buyers are native English speakers. Make sure to use good grammatically correct sentences.

If not good at with it, you will lose the chance of getting high-value jobs.

Right price

Some buyers are mentioned their budget on their request and some are not. Offer a bit lower price than the mentioned price. If not ask them a budget gently.

Offer more

Offer everything you can offer. Let them resonate for not to lose you. May be unlimited revisions or free source file. It depends on your category and buyers requirement.

Do not bargain

Remember! It is not your posting. Do not go to so pushy on buyers. Write your proposal gently and neutral way.


So sellers here is the summary of how to send proposal on Fiverr.

Sending a proposal means attracting a buyer by giving the right price and the right reason for the hire. So be gentle and do not be pushy. Do not use the same text again and again. That would cost you a sale. Always attention to the buyers requirements and give more than buyers expecting.

Good luck sellers!

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