how to recover a deactivated Facebook account

How to Recover a Deactivated Facebook Account-EASY!

No one read this article if they haven’t a Facebook account. The main reason for reading this article is to find out what to do if your Facebook account gets disabled or blocked. In this article, I will show how to recover a deactivated Facebook account easily.

Recently many Facebook accounts getting deactivated. It may be Instagram, Whatsapp or any service related to Facebook. Also If you deactivated from one service, your other related accounts also at risk.

That’s why I thought to gave you and solution for the “how to recover deactivated Facebook account” question. Before we going to the solution, let’s see what cause account deactivation or blocking.

Reasons for Facebook account deactivation

Normally Facebook has guidelines for their users. They deactivated user accounts that don’t obey their guidelines without any hesitation.

This happens in two ways. The first one is, Facebook deactivated your account by knowing that you are breaking their rules. The second one is someone reporting your account.

If you don’t have a clear idea, go to this page and refer what are the do’s and do not’s.

Another reason for deactivating your account is clicking various links on Facebook. This thing happens more usually these days. The reason for this is, the link that you clicked contain materials that going against Facebook guidelines. For example drugs, guns, and underage materials etc…

Another most common way that you getting deactivated from Facebook is by giving details to scammers. This way is so tricky. So you need to know this before getting an answer for “how to recover a deactivated Facebook account”.

What scammers do is send some emails into your inbox. Normally those emails similar to Facebook or Instagram emails. Then they as to logging using their link and in that time they get your account details within few minutes.

How can you identify these emails? Usually, valid emails contain the company’s domain on the right side. But scammers do have some creepy domain addresses.

How to find out Facebook account disabled or not?

If your account is disabled, there will be a warning message on the Facebook login page.

how to recover a deactivated Facebook account

How to recover a deactivated Facebook account?

To get back your disabled Facebook account, CLICK ON THIS link and it will redirect to Facebook’s official page.

Or you can search ” My personal Facebook account was disabled ” in Google and visit the first page in search result.

how to recover a deactivated Facebook account

Then read and fill in the details correctly. Also, you have to upload your ID ( National ID, Driving licence or Passport ). Make sure your ID is in English.

In this case, details in your ID must be matched with your disabled Facebook account. For example, your photo in ID must be matched with photos in your Facebook account. Facebook can easily do this because it has one of the most advanced facial recognition applications.

Other than that both names should be matched. You can’t get your account back if your name is in short form or not in English (This will change).

Also both your birthday’s should be matched as well. These should be 100% similar to each other.

This is my best solution for the ” how to recover deactivated Facebook account ” matter. After few days you will get a notification mentioning whether they give you the account back or not.

Don’t do this!

Do not submit fake ID’s. Such as edited ID’s. Facebook has mentioned on the above page they have a fake ID detection system. Trust me, they have and it working!

Note: This will work only if you have a considerable reason. Or your account deactivated accidentally. If you have already broken Facebook’s rules and regulations, this won’t help.

Now you know how to recover a deactivated Facebook account within few minutes. What happens if you have disabled from Facebook?

Disadvantages of getting disabled from Facebook

  • You will lose your photos and videos
  • Every connection will reset ( All friends will be removed)
  • You will not get access to business pages of yours

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