How to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page

How to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page

Do you know about Google search engine? I’m sure, you do. Fiverr is a kind of search engine, that show various service to clients. So we have to get our gig on to the main page because then you will get continuous orders. That is why I bring you this tutorial ” how to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page”.

As I mentioned above, Fiverr is the search engine that shows gigs for clients. For that, they use their algorithm. So we have to adapt to their algorithms to make our gig visible on Fiverr first page.

Remember! This is the topic “how to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page”, “Getting more sales” is another story.

1- Keyword position

The keyword is a term that clients search in Fiverr. So in Fiverr algorithm is work mainly using of relevancy. That means It search most relevant gigs for clients. For example, If you search for “minimal logo design”, Fiverr shows most relevant gigs that have “minimal logo design” keyword in their gig.

So how do we find these keywords? Go to the Fiverr search bar and search for your service. For example ” minimal logo design”, then you can see some keyword suggestions showup. Those are the keyword that we are going to use. Be sure to choose relevant keywords.

How to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page

Then we have to add those keywords into 3 sections.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Tags

1) Title

Add the main keyword into your title. For example “I will do amazing minimal logo designs”


Now you have to add those selected keywords into your description. Do not miss your description. Just use it here and there. Do not use more than 3 or more keywords.

Click here to see how to write a good description.


In here you have added those selected keywords here. You have to enter 5 keywords.

2- Gig images (Image SEO)

Then we have to care about our gig image. Sure, It should be attractive and follow guidelines. But It’ s not mus import in the process of “how to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page”. In here you have to add the keyword into the image details. For that, you have to use Photoshop.

Follow theses: Open image on Photoshop >> File >> File info >> Then enter the main keyword into the suitable section as shown in this photo.

How to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page

3- Gig favorites

When you go to someone’s gig, there is a heart-shaped button in the right upper corner. The function of that is, clients can bookmark your gig for later use. So having those means your gig is good for clients.

This is the trick kind of against the Fiver’s rules and regulations. But we have to get orders, right? That’s why I’m going to show it to you.

First, go to Facebook or Reddit and search for ” Fiver favorite exchange”. Go to first 3 or 4 groups and join. Then post your link here as a post, members will comment on it and all you have to do is give favorites for them and as they return, they will do the same.

Do not scam this or Do not post more than 1 for a day.

4- Gig impressions

Gig impressions are the traffics get for your gig. This process also similar to the gig favorite exchange. All you have to change is the Facebook search term “Fiverr impression exchange”. Then post your gig link on those groups. Members will handle afterwards.

5- Sales

If you have more jobs done, you have a better chance to rank on Fiverr main page. If you are a new seller, this trick will work.

We are going to take some fake orders. You have to spend some amount of money for that. But you decide to make. Find someone that already doing Fiverr or ask a friend to signup as a buyer. Then tell them to order your gig. Make sure to do this without getting any suspicion. Deliver the products with high quality as normal.

This will increase your ranking chance in 80%.

6- An order completion rate

Order completion rate, in other word order cancellation rate. This will measure the rate of cancellations of your gig. Make sure to deliver a good final product and exactly the buyer’s request. Always keep your rate above 90%.

How to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page

7- Category

This is an important factor of this tutorial ” How to rank Fiverr gig on to the first page”. There are some Fiverr categories overcrowded already. It is too much difficult to rank or it takes considerable time. For example “Logo designing”. So find some micro-niche or go for another category.

Those are the main points for rank your Fiverr gig. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to post it on the comments section.

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