how to make money writing

How to Make Money Writing: 5 Working Methods

Writing is a significant skill that kills the online job market. A few decades ago everyone read books, but now everything changes to the internet. If you are good at writing, I will show you how to make money writing anything you want.

Writing for money is a good income in these days. There is no limit for this work. Writing divided into many subcategories as well.

You don’t need to be an expert, but you must have a passion for writing. In this article “how to make money writing anything” I will show you how to be an expert, how to write a good article or story without any errors and methods to sell your articles.

But this is only for those who are willing to give time and effort to achieve success. Once you get into the right path, get paid to write can be the right career for you without going to 12 hours usual job.

Here are a few methods to get paid to write.

How to make money writing?

There are so many methods. But only a few of them are practically work. Freelancing, selling articles, blogging, writing ebooks and doing projects for others are some of them. But most of the cases you have to good ad English.

Freelancing: writing for money

Instead of working at the usual job, freelancing allows you to sell your writing skills for a good price. You can charge up to $2 per word or up to $1000 for a whole phase depending on the project and your skill.

There are thousands of people looking for outsourcing their work. That will solidify your writing career as a freelancer.

Fiverr is the perfect online marketplace for you to start your freelancing career. There are only a few easy steps to register and start selling. The lowest price is $5 and no max price. Also, there is a Fiverr pro option, that made you a pro seller. For that you have to pass some test, then you can charge up to x10 higher than normal sellers.

Another marketplace is Upwork. One of the popular freelance marketplace around the world. Writing for money here is a little bit difficult because you have to get approved before start selling. After the approval process, you can earn a good amount of money than Fiverr.

Upload and earn

A good answer is for “how to make money writing” is this method. There are so many sites that pay you to write anything. Yes! anything.

How those sites earn money? They resell articles to whoever needs it, such as bloggers.

how to make money writing

You can get paid to write using this website, but all you have to do is getting approved first place. You need to send them a sample article, with uniques content and unique passion. Usually, they welcome newcomers with unique writing passion.

Some sites :

  • Transition abroad
  • Wanderlust
  • Great escape publishing
  • Vibrant life
  • Guideposts


Blogging is another good method to earn money by writing articles. You can write about anything. But you must have a website.

In 2015 designing a website was a mastermind thing. But now 14 years old kid can do that. Building a website using WordPress is super simple and cheap. Only you need is hosting and domain. Step by step can be found on youtube.

how to make money writing

But you have to write unique content for low competition keywords. Then you can monetize your blog using various methods. Such as:

  • Ads displaying
  • Affiliate
  • Sponsoring
  • Online courses

Selling eBooks

There is a good price tag for unique ebooks. Ebooks are suitable for people who can dedicate their time because you need to write enough to give it’s a value.

Ebooks have no limit. If you are good at stories, write a story. Do you need to educate others? then make a course ebook.

Sites to sell eBook:

  • Amazon kindle direct publishing
  • Blurb
  • Lulu

Facebook instant article

Another easy method for writing articles for money. Facebook instant article program is similar to blogging, but you need to have a Facebook page. If you don’t have one, you can create it for free.

how to make money writing

When you publish an article on your website, Facebook will share it with Facebook users with an x4 loading speed. Also, they put some ads into your article and revenue give back to you.

What do you need to consider when writing?

Your article must be copyright free. That means an article shouldn’t be plagiarized. You can check your plagiarism score for free using this tool.

You must have your passion. That attracts the human being.

How to check your article is grammatically correct?

You cannot earn a penny with a grammatical error article. It should be perfect in many ways. There is a FREE tool that will correct your all errors and every other option to make your article perfect.

I use this powerful tool for every work I do. Because we are humans, we make mistakes. BUT mistakes shouldn’t effect for our careers.

Summary of: how to make money writing.

With all that included, you can see writing for money is a good way to change your career. For that, your skill needs to be in a good place. So practice. Good luck!

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