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How to make Fiverr gig image-Winning Image

Fiverr gig image is one of the main things potential buyers consider when they going to pick someone. So having a good photo means you will get a second chance. That’s not mean go ahead and steal some top seller’s image. just try to design it using a software like Photoshop or android/ISO app.

In this tutorial I will give guideline to design a Fiverr gig image. Some of these point are help to improve you professionality and some of them are Fiverr rules.

Guide for a professional photo

1- Quality

Do not use low quality or low resolution images. If you do so, your Fiverr gig photo will look like unprofessional. So be sure to use some high resolution images.

Fiverr gig image

2- Stretched images

Do not use stretched images. Use image to minimum resolution of 690 x 426 and when doing that make sure to use high quality images otherwise It will looks like blurry.

3- Dimensions / Size

Size: At least 550px by 370px. No more than 3MB

Make sure your Fiverr gig photo dimension is fitted to Fiverr standards. Minimum resolution is 690 x 426. I recommend to keep size of your photo between 1MB – 3MB.

4- Text

You have choose most important details to show on your Fiverr gig image. Be sure to use only 10 -20 words. In Facebook advertising, they recommend to use text on only 20%the images, so I hope that will help to this too.

Fiverr gig image

5- Density

Make sure your Fiverr gig image is overcrowded with to many images and other stuffs. Just use simple and suitable image for your category.

6- Show your face

If you think It’s better to show your face on gig image, make sure to use a professional photo of you.

show your face

Fiverr rules for gig photo

Fiverr has given some rules and regulations to keep Fiverr steady and for your good. So follow these when you are designing your gig image.

1- Copy-write

Do not use googled images, other user’s images. This will reason to remove your gig from Fiverr. Try to use your own design. You can get Copywrite free images from Pixabay or any other free image stock site. If you are not so familiar with software, try Canva to design it online.

2- Clickbait

Do not use clickbait on your image. Clickbait means, images that force clients to click on it. Using that will ban you gig by the Fiverr’s integrity and It will lower your rank.

3- Badge

Do not use Fiverr level badges on your gig image or do not mention it.

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