How to get the first job on Upwork

How to get the first job on Upwork fast!

Upwork is the heaven of freelancers. A lot of freelancers make this as their main income. But! now It is a bit difficult to enter into that, that winning process is another whole story. If you are reading this, I’m sure you are a beginner for the Upwork. You are struggling with how do I get my first job on Upwork. That’s why I’m writing this tutorial “how to get the first job on Upwork” for all who are suffering.

1- Great profile

Having a great profile is to increase your chance of getting first sales on Upwork. Professional profile picture + profile description will do that. You must spend some time writing your description.

2- Finding the right job

Finding means, we have found jobs on our own. For that we have to use Upwork connects to send project proposals to clients. But these connects are limited, so we have to find job requests that exactly suitable for your skills.

For that go to Search then go to Advance search and enter your skills or any keyword that match for your service. For example, I’m a logo designer, so I type “Logo designing” or similar keyword.

How to get the first job on Upwork

Then you will get some results. But we are not done yet. Click on the Filter button and you will get some options there. We have to change some options there.

  • Experience level – Put a tik on “Any experience level”, So you will get all proposals that clients don’t pay much care about the experience of the seller.
  • Client info – Tik on “Payment verified”, So you don’t have to worry about clients payment. They already verify their payment on Upwork.
  • Number of proposals – Tik on “Less than 5”, “5 to 10” and “10 to 25”. This is an important factor when getting the first job on Upwork. Clients in these categories are kind of new to this market.
How to get the first job on Upwork

That’s it. Leave those same and you can see the best matching request for your service.

Be sure to click on save search and save you filter options for next time.

2- Apply as quickly as possible

For gett first job on Upwork, you have to be fast. After we changed those settings, you will see some requests. All you have to is, change this filter again into “Newest”. Then you can see the newest job request of buyers.

By sending your proposal as quickly as possible, helps you to increase your chance. Most of the buyers stay around to see responses they get for their requests. If you are quick, there is a huge chance of your proposal getting seen by buyers.

3- Write a good proposal

If you want to know how to get the first job on Upwork fast, you should know how to write a good proposal. It is the key point of getting jobs.

First, read their request carefully. Then write your proposal.

Your proposal should be professional and clean. Do not mention unnecessary things. First, write about your experience and the notable project you have done. Then write a little description about how you going to do their job and projects you have done similar to that request. At last, write something that convinced that you have good confident about what you are going.

Note: At the end, your proposal, write a note that you are happy to have a chat(voice/text) with him/her about their project. This is a kind of interview.

Click here to see how to write a good proposal.

4- Interview

This is what I mention above. If buyer massage back with time for the interview, be ready for it. You don’t have to wear full kit or tie, just be pleasant (Only buyer request video chat). Be prepare for questions that buyer ask.

5- Do not give up

You will try, but you have to keep going. There is no easy money. I got my first job after 6 months after the signup. I know how you are feeling. But you have to go through it.

Try and try. Try different techniques. Find what works well. I’m sure you will get your first job withing weeks.

I hope you will happy with my tutorial “How to get first job on Upwork fast”. If you have any doubt please leave it on comment section.

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