How to get the first job on Fiverr

How to get the first job on Fiverr

In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about a topic that comes up a lot in Fiverr forum and everywhere on the internet. That is how to get the first job on Fiverr.

As a new seller, getting the first job on Fiverr is the hardest part, then second still a little bit easy. That is how the ball is rolling. But after generating traffic, with a good rating, good delivery score etc.. you start to get more and more clients aka jobs.

As mentioned above, you are a new seller, with the huge question mark for how to get the first job on Fiverr. Believe me! I have to be there on my journey. Without a single order for months. So here are the working methods I have used.

Remember sellers, this tutorial dedicated to only for ” how to get the first job on Fiverr “, in other words how to get your FIRST sale. Getting more sales is a different story.

Tell people

Go out and let people know about what you are doing. There are various occasions like party, annual gatherings or a job fair. Sometimes they are not comfortable with that, but there is a chance of you been hired by someone.

If not use your Facebook or Instagram account. I’m not telling to paid advertising or post in groups. Just post it on your wall by describing your service. Other than that you can use LinkedIn, it’s not like Facebook. There are a lot of professional users. Many business owners.

Buyer requests

Buyer request is the other best solution for question how to get the first job on Fiverr. In Fiverr, buyers are allowed to post their needs with details. So you have the option to respond to their requests.

As a new seller, it is hard to find buyer requests all the time. I know that well. But you have to take your chance. Write a good respond, tell what are you doing, tell what your expertise, show them your portfolio.

You are allowed to post 10 responds per day. Be sure to use them all.

Writing a response to buyer request is a whole other story. So I will write another tutorial for that.

Stealing the clients

Just kidding! By using this method, we going to find clients by our self.

Go to your competitor’s profiles and search for frequent buyers in their review section. Then drop them a message telling about you and your service. Offer them a one-time free service or sample.

Remember! Please be casual all the time. Do not be pushy or scam. DO NOT use this method more than 2 times a day, otherwise, you will get banned.

Offer more

Add more value-added services for your gig. For example, think your competitor offer logo design for $40 and they offer editable for another $10. Now you can offer both for $40. That will increase your chance of getting an order.

Low price

Make your price low as much as possible. I do not recommend these but we have the main expectation of how to get the first job on Fiverr.

This will give reasons to buyers choose you over other competitors in your field. Then you can raise your price step by step with increasing your sales.

Gig video

Put a video into your gig. This will increase your popularity by X10. Describe what your service.

You can make a video on your own or hire someone to make your video. Use English. If you are not good at it, hire someone.

Gig description

If you want an answer for how to get the first job on Fiverr, you must care about your gig description.

Use well written, grammatically correct and errors free description. This is the main thing buyers get their idea about your service.

If you are not good at English, I would suggest you get the help of someone.

Be online

In Fiverr there is an option that buyers can filter only online users in the search result. That is why you have to be online. Maybe you could not use your PC, just use Fiverr app. It’s simple and easy.

How to get the first job on Fiverr

Gig exchange

Actually, this is against the Fiverr’s term of service. I mention it in here of your knowledge, using it is totally up to you

Find someone, your family member or a friend and signup using a different device. DO NOT use the device you are working or used to log in at least one time. Then tell them to buy your gig and be sure to deliver a good quality product.

This is all. If you want to go up, you must keep working. If you have any doubt, let me know in the comment section.

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