How to get better at competitive gaming

how to get better at competitive gaming
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Well, the simple answer to this is “practice makes perfect”. You’re never better at competitive gaming until you spend lot of hours into this. Many of pro gamers make it as their hobby. It also depends on what you like and how does it match with your personal skills. After you find which gaming “niche” you fit, then you’ll be able to start spending hours and hours into it and get better at competitive gaming. Important! Do not choose very difficult games at first.

Gaming is a set of skills that takes time to develop, you can not just pick up an instrument and expect to be a pro, you have to put the time on in it. If you want to really get better at competitive gaming you have to put more time than casual player.

So here are the tips to become a pro or get better at competitive gaming. Follow these points then you will a king.

1 ) Enjoy it

First thing first. The main reason video games exist is for people to hang out with friends, have fun and to get your own animated fantasy. If you are getting too much angry and toxic for everyone, you will definitely lose your teammates (in multiplayer games). If you feel like something’s wrong or no longer interesting, then don not play it. There are plenty of games with different mechanics. Choose you one and go ahead.

get better at competitive gaming

2 ) Maintain your health

Most of the gamers (not pro’s) spend there time facing the computer of monitor screen. That will directly affect to the obesity, heart malfunctions and various physical damages. Gaming need high functionality of your brain. Missing the healthy diet and regular exercises will reduce the functionality of the brain. So keep you brain healthy for better focusing, memory and much more.

Maintain your health

3 ) Practice

For every game on this planet of gaming, you should have some skill to win, specially professionalization that you are looking for. You have to practice to dedicate your time, how to focus and most importantly; techniques. Begin simply, try to shoot the bot’s and noob player’s head, it will increase your accuracy. Practice, practice and again practice to fix your weakness and to get better at competitive gaming.


4 ) Watch pro player’s stream

There are plenty of pro player for almost ever game that are streaming live. You can find them on YouTube, steam etc.. Watch their moves, techniques and try to follow them. When you are getting better, you can have you own techniques and movements.

Watch pro player's stream

5 ) Don’t Give Up

When you go your path of be a pro gamer, you will face many difficulties such as you teammates, you opponents, some levels in the game etc.. Do not give up at such places. Take a break, relax and think differently. Remember! Game is just a game, not your life. But do not slack much. It will reduce your points.

Don’t Give Up

Other that, you can watch your replays. Record your game play, and watch where you lose. Try to make it right.
Think you as football player. If you want to go to national team, what will you do?

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