how to delete the Alibaba account

How to Delete the Alibaba Account? Easy Steps

As you know Alibaba is one of the largest worldwide wholesale trade websites. It originated from China and worth billion’s of dollars. Here we are going to talk about how to delete the Alibaba account easily…

You are looking for a way to delete your Alibaba account mean you are already a member of this website. This may be a buyer account or a seller account. No matter what type of account it is, the same procedure applies to both accounts.

How to delete the Alibaba account?

To delete your Alibaba account, first, log on to your profile and search for “Deactivate account”. Then fill in the necessary details and proceed.

What does the need?

You want two things to proceed.

  • Username
  • Password

Steps to delete your account

1 – Sign in

Use your username and password to enter your Alibaba account.

how to delete the Alibaba account

2 – Go to “Member Profile”

In your dashboard, you can see “Member Profile” on the left side. Click it to enter.

3 – Go to “Deactivate account”

In your member profile section, there is an option to delete your account. It is in the right upper corner. Find it and click on it.

how to delete the Alibaba account

4 – Fill in the information

In the next section you got, you have to fill in some information. In the first field enter your username or ID. Then type ” Deactivate my account” in the next section and choose the radio button with the answer most suitable for you.

Then click on “Deactivate my account”

5- Done

Your account is now deleted. Now you know how to delete the Alibaba account with four easy steps.

how to delete the Alibaba account

How to delete the account using a mobile phone?

To delete an Alibaba account using your mobile, log in to your account using a web browser. Our recommendation is chrome. Then enable “Desktop view” in the current tab.

Then follow the above procedure for delete.

Note: There is no option to delete your account using the mobile app. Not android neither apple.

What you will lose after deleting?

  • You will lose access to your Aliexpress account (If you connected both or use the same e-mail)
  • Wont be able to place orders
  • You can’t open a dispute
  • Contact and massages will be deleted
  • Subscriptions will be removed
  • The profile cannot be undone

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