How to add a listing on Etsy

How to add a listing on Etsy – EASY

Setting up Etsy Listings correctly is one of the most critical aspects of Etsy Selling. Because no matter what you make in the store, you will not receive an order if the listings are incorrect. Let’s look at How to add a listing on Etsy properly.

First, you have to click on Listing in your Etsy Dashboard and go to your Listings. Then click the Add A Listing Button at the top right of the page. Then go to a new page.


The first thing to do on that page is to upload product photos. These images are what attract customers to purchase your product. The Primary Image, in particular. When using these images, you must use extreme caution. Many persons who dropship are affected by this.

So let’s see How to add a listing on Etsy with good photos…

If you reuse pictures from AliExpress or another source, double-check to see if the product image you’re using has already been used on Etsy. If this is the case, you may have a problem.

Let’s look at how to fix the Product Image issue and list it on Etsy. If we want to take a picture from AliExpress, we must do so without using any add-ons to download the image. Take screenshots of this product image with the Snipping Tool or another Screenshots Capture Tool.

Then, if at all possible, alter the colours of these images. It’s fantastic. You can also use an add-on to download photographs and then remove the metadata with a Metadata Removal Tool like Verexif.


This is an option that not many people use but this is very effective for your listing. If you upload a video for this. That video can contain things like how to use this product or a description of your product.

Listing Title

In the previous SEO session, I went through this in detail. Make sure you read it to know how to add a listing on Etsy properly. Create a title that includes the most common term that people use to find your item.

It’s an important aspect of inputting your listing to the top of the search results. Also, at no time should you replicate this title from another Etsy product.

About his Listing & Category

Depending on your product, these two will be different. This is the exact category you need to fill out. This category may be determined by entering the main keyword for your product into the Category box. The categories relating to your product will thereafter be displayed.

How to add a listing on Etsy

Then choose the appropriate category for your product. After you’ve chosen a category, you’ll be able to choose from options such as Recipient, Material, and Primary Color.

Remember, category is the one of the important points of “how to add a listing on Etsy”

Renewal Options & Type

Here you can choose whether to pay the Etsy Fee for your product automatically or manually. I recommend you to keep this manually. Because you can cut this fee without even knowing it, so manually it is very safe.

After that, you must decide whether your product is a physical or digital one. Depending on your product, this will differ. I’ll write a separate piece about digital products in the future.


In the SEO article, we went through this in great detail. To know how to add a listing on Etsy, recommend reading this article too. To describe this product, make sure to mention the keyword in the first few phrases. Because the first few sentences appear in the Google Search Result. Also, describe the features of your product in the description.

Tags & Materials

We talked in detail about how to find these tags and how to use them in the SEO Article so I will not talk about it now.

Add the names of any raw materials you used to produce your product here.

How to add a listing on Etsy

Price & Quantity

There’s no need to go into great detail about price and quantity. However, one important point to mention is that when you establish this price, add the shipping fee and set the price so that you may provide Free Shipping on the product. When you provide free delivery, Etsy advertises to your customers that your goods are offered free shipping.

A small trick for readers of this article “how to add a listing on Etsy”

Variations & Personalization

If your product includes options such as colour or size, you may include them in this Variation so that the client can make a selection.

If you want to customize your product as per the customer, you can turn on Personalization and add a description about it there.


Here we first have to select the Country where we will ship the product. Even if you do drop shipping, be sure to keep the country as you live. Or there may be a problem with your account.

If the processing time is between 3-5 days, it is very good that you can do it as you like.

You are reading “How to add a listing on Etsy”

Set the delivery time to anywhere from 7 to 21 days. Also, try to deliver as soon as possible, as this may have an impact on your customer’s evaluation. And, as I previously stated, don’t forget about the two free shipping options.

Now all you have to do is publish the listing. I think you may have found this article “How to add a listing on Etsy” useful. In the future piece, I’ll see you soon. 

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