Instagram video to mp3

Convert Instagram Video to mp3 – TESTED

Instagram started with supporting only the pictures. With the variations that occurred in past few years, it started to support videos too. Here I will show the best way to convert Instagram video to mp3.

Most of the celebrities, peoples, bands and influencers have an Instagram account. Sometimes they included cool audios that you cant find for their videos. That’s why we are going to rip off and get that audio as mp3.

How to convert Instagram video to mp3?

It’s 4 step process. You need to need link and paste it on the site ” “. Then click the download button to convert and download as an mp3 file.

Step by step

There are plenty of online applications that provide the facility to convert Instagram to mp3 file. But most of them are not working properly. Otherwise, some of them are spam sites.

I go through every one of these sites and found the working site for you. (NOTE: No! they didn’t pay me )

It’s pretty easy for you to use. It takes only a few minutes to convert Instagram video to mp3 and there are no spammy things.

Step 1

Go to the Instagram video you prefer to download and in the right up corner, there is a three-dot button. Click on it and select “Copy Link”

Video > Menu (3 dot) > Copy Link

Instagram video to mp3

Step 2

Next got to and paste the link in the space provided.

Step 3

Then click on download and wait for it to convert. In few minutes it begins to download and you can see it on your download folder.

Instagram video to mp3

Step 4

Done! Now you can convert Instagram video to mp3.

Instagram video to mp3

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