wordswag alternative for Pc

Best Wordswag Alternative for PC – FREE

Wordswag, I’m sure you may know this name before. Maybe you have this app on your smartphone or PC. But this app, not design for PC and you must be using some alternative way to install it. However, this method doesn’t give full compatibility with your PC. That’s why I’m going to give the best wordswag alternative for Pc and it’s FREE…

As you know Wordswag is an app that compatible with IOS and Android. Also, it’s not a free app, you have to purchase from app markets. The main purpose of this app is to design cool text for you. When you insert a picture and a text, you can convert your text file into an amazing text design and embedded it into the picture. These pictures mostly use for Instagram and Pinterest because of it’s an ironic theme.

What is the best wordswag alternative for pc?

The best wordswag alternative for PC is Canva. It has an application for PC and it’s free. Also, it consists of thousands of free templates as well.

What is canvas?

Canva is a publishing platform (or designing platform) that you can create Instagram posts, youtube banners, advertisements, flyers and many more…

wordswag alternative for Pc

You don’t need any special skills to use this. Withing just a simple drag and drops, you can make an amazing design for free.

This platform gets around 15 million users monthly, which indicates the use of canvas for everyone.

Is it free? Yes, you can access over 8000+ design templates and 100+ design types. In the pro plan, your benefits will X10.

So just try it. In my experience canva is the best wordswag alternative for Pc.

Other wordswag alternatives for Pc

There is plenty of alternative for wordswag. But when it comes to Pc, the list narrows down to a few. Among them, canva is the best option for you.

When considering a user without any skill, there is no installable application except canva. But there are cloud-based applications.

Adobe spark

Adobe spark is the best cloud-based wordswag alternative for Pc. You can use it for free.

Graphics, flyers, collages, animations and videos are compatible with this site. If you were satisfied with it, you can buy a pro plan as well.


Easil mainly focuses on Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV designs. There are 1000+ templated which can use for free. What I like here is, they have cool unique colours in their templates.

wordswag alternative for Pc


Without any doubt, Canva is the best wordswag alternative for Pc. If you were uncomfortable with it, there are plenty of platforms. But most of them are cloud-based and some need paid versions.

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