Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online

16 Best Sites for Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online

If you are looking for freelance graphic design jobs online market, no matter you are a beginner, professional, full-time designer, or part-time designer. Now you are in right place.

No matter if your daily bills are increasing, stress at your workplace, looking for a change of the job or place, or you are looking for a part-time job with extra income – You should check these freelance designer job sites one by one.

If you are a beginner at freelancing, the most common thing you will hear is you have to go deep and deep into the freelancing career. You need to invest yourself, also your valuable time. At first, you have to start with a lower-paying schedule and important thing is to build up your portfolio and loyal clients.

Yes. All the above things are 100% true. But everyone has to do at least something to get paying. There is no FREE money. So that’s mean you can start your freelance designer career RIGHT NOW!

You are worried about time to spend to build your freelance business, right? Remember It doesn’t mean you can’t start right now and earn some dollars today. It means your full-time income.

So check these sites helps you to start freelance graphic design jobs online right now.

Most popular freelance graphic design jobs online

NOTE: There are 100 sites online. But in here I mention only beginner’s friendly, usually with more clients and cost-effective sites.


Upwork is a super popular site among freelancers. It’s a great way to gain experience and get these taste of earnings. Especially if you are a newbie and not certain about your freelance career. As I mention above Upwork users are all over the world, also it is the most popular site in the USA. 3 million freelance jobs are listing on Upwork. All you have to do is find your niche and send proposals to clients.
My full Upwork tutorials here


Fiverr is another most popular freelancing site. This also my first freelancing platform. In Fiverr pretty easy to start working. It takes only 10-20 minutes to create a profile and another 30 minutes to list your listing. There is pretty much more competition among sellers for the graphic design category. But If you are unique and skilled getting a first job takes only a few days. Also, there is a ranking system that helps you to increase your demand.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online

People per hour

People per hour also known as PHP are another popular freelance market. It’s kind of new, but it has a good client base. The downside is you will get only 15 free proposal applications each month. Also, your account will unpublish after 90 days if you were unable to get at least one sale.


Freepik is a resource website for everyone, consist of so many graphics for users to download. You can earn pretty much money by working as a contributor to the Freepik. Mainly illustrations and images are the acceptable resources. All you have to do is design the graphic according to the high quality and upload it to the website. After getting approval for those elements you will start to earn for every download.

Guru is kind of similar to other sites like Upwork and Fiverr. Making a profile in Guru is easy. After creating your profile you have to do is show your experience to the potential buyer by contacting millions of job postings made by clients daily. Their commission charge is also pretty low than others, it is 9% of your sales.


If you are looking for freelance graphic design jobs online, you should try this platform. In dribble, you can upload your portfolio to the site, and then clients will approach you or you can find your clients by sharing your dribble portfolio with them. When you are searching for online jobs be sure to enable the “remote” filter option.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online

Envato market

Envato market is divided into specific for graphical elements, called the graphic river. There are a lot of logos, business cards, flyers, etc… for the users to download. For every download, you will make money.

The only downside here is the approval process of your submitted graphics is pretty much tough.


99design is a full niche website only dedicated to freelance graphic designers. There are thousands of well-experienced freelance designers such as freelance logo designers. It’s an online website that you can upload your portfolio and bid for client’s projects. You can filter the projects by categories such as logo design, illustrations, etc..

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online


Cloudpeeps is perfect if you are a ready and stable freelancer or someone with a very strong portfolio. Because you need to go through the vetting process to be listed as a freelancer in there. By listing there you will open to a high paying freelance designer jobs and popular companies in the world.

Angel list

Many newly starting companies looking for a graphic designer for their works. If you are looking to engage with the new starting company go to the Angellist right now. If you are lucky enough you will get a chance to work with those companies in long term remote partnership.

Design crowd

The design crowd is similar to the 99design. But there is less competition among the designer because of the low client base and low price. But you are looking for freelance graphic design jobs online because you are at the beginner level. It is a good place to build your portfolio.


Freelancer is the oldest freelancing platform in the world. You can get paid at an hourly rate. But the downside is you will get only 8 free proposal application, forget more you have to purchase more.


Behance is not a freelance platform. It’s a kind of portfolio website that freelance designers show their designs. Usually, those designs are come up in the google search result. There is one section that buyers can post their requests. So be sure to check that section daily.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online


Craiglist is not much popular for remote jobs, but there are some. It is kind of different than usual freelancing platforms. This site work as a location base. Find a city and go through the specific category and see the listings made by people for their work done as soon as possible. Also, you can post your portfolio there. But it takes around $2 for a post.


Already using Reddit. Yes, Reddit is a good place to find freelance graphic design jobs online. There are so many groups that people post their skills. So try using those kinds of groups.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online


You are already using Instagram, right? Did you ever think about selling your skill on Instagram? Yeah! It’s easy. Post your designs with the correct tag.
For example, there are so many bloggers, like me. So they usually follow the #blogger tag. If you add that tag, your design will show up on their feed. If it’s good enough they will see more on your profile.

Remember! Please don’t be a scammer

At last…

The beginning is tough. You have to spend your time. You will get a much sleepless night. But never give up. Good luck.

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